The John Geaney Seminar

John Geaney is a renowned New Jersey attorney focusing on workers’ compensation. He heads the workers’ compensation practice for Capehart Scatchard, and is a good friend of Workers Compensation Psychological Network.

John is the author of “Geaney’s New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Manual for Practitioners, Adjusters, and Employers,” and updates it annually. If you have anything to do with workers’ compensation in New Jersey, you need to have John Geaney’s Manual.

In addition to representing a great number of New Jersey’s foremost employers, writing a Lexis Nexis Top Blog and creating the aforementioned Manual, John, teaming with Millennium Seminars, puts on three seminars each year for New Jersey professionals specializing in workers’ compensation. The seminars are always full. Attendees keep coming back, which is a testament to the high regard employers and insurers have for John.

As I write this, Workers Compensation Psychological Network founders Mary Ann Kezmarsky and Richard Filippone are attending and exhibiting at one of John’s seminars in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.  There are more than 100 work comp pros here.


They’ll also be exhibiting at the upcoming Annual Conference of the New Jersey Self-Insurers Association in Atlantic City at the end of the month where attendees will number nearly 300.


Workers Compensation Psychological Network, with trained and certified workers’ compensation psychology professionals throughout New Jersey,  as well as an online claimant referral portal and electronic health record system, is gathering steam. We’ve been Beta Testing for a couple of months. Our official company launch is only two weeks away. To say we are excited doesn’t begin to describe it.