Due to the Coronavirus WCPN NOW OFFERS TELEMEDICINE to all claimants.

Who We Are

We are licensed and certified psychologists, neuropsychologists, biofeedback technicians and cognitive rehabilitation specialists who have successfully treated a myriad of injured workers within New Jersey. Our extensive experience within the workers’ compensation arena has convinced us that the current system of treating injured workers with mental health issues is overly fragmented and does not focus properly enough on a speedy return to work. Indeed, there is an urgent need for a more systemic and integrated alliance of trained practitioners whose goals are to provide compassionate treatment with a steady return to work trajectory.

We have created Workers Compensation Psychological Network to meet this need.

Every member of our statewide alliance of seasoned workers’ comp mental health professionals is committed to our compassionate yet common sense approach to the treatment of injured workers. These  providers have been trained and certified by Workers Compensation Psychological Network and have agreed to follow our rigorous protocols. These protocols have as their key elements:

  • A new technology platform to provide unprecedented transparency in patient assignment, status reporting,  clinician communication and qualitative assessment
  • Secure and frequent feedback to claims adjusters, employers and treating physicians regarding the recovery status of our injured worker patients
  • Meaningful and credible assessments of mental health and cognitive capacity
  • Utilization review of patient treatment plans by Workers Compensation Psychological Network’s panel of experts.
  • Assignment of Injury Recovery Coordinators whose job is to work with claims adjusters and employers to facilitate return to work, either on a full-time or modified duty basis
  • Use of our Advanced Electronic Health Record System for ease of review by claims adjusters, employers, alliance clinicians and other approved parties