Due to the Coronavirus WCPN NOW OFFERS TELEMEDICINE to all claimants.

Our Value Proposition

We are dedicated to facilitating the mental health recovery of our work-injured patients in New Jersey.

In 2015, we created the first statewide behavioral health workers’ compensation injury recovery system – based on the values of human dignity, individual empowerment and equitable access to care.   Our clinicians use coordinated, cost-effective and pragmatic treatments aimed at expedited recovery and the quickest possible return to work for injured employees.

Thanks to our extensive rehabilitation and trauma recovery resources, we develop and execute treatment plans in a common-sense way. This allows employers to have confidence that their injured workers will reach maximum medical improvement as quickly as medically possible. Insurers, self-insurers and claims administrators can rest assured that our strategic goals are aligned with theirs. Our integrated, multi-disciplinary approach allows continuous communication as our patients move forward in recovery.

Our Advanced Electronic Health Record System, unique to behavioral health practices in New Jersey, reduces administrative costs, as well as time on task, and eliminates the need for paper communication and files.

We are mindful that employers pay for our services and that our work directly affects their bottom line loss ratios and experience modification. That is why we are devoted to constantly improving this new, innovative paradigm for workers compensation injury and trauma recovery.

Our Mission – Recovery: Sooner – Faster – Smarter